addressing your users' needs through
User experience

User Experience Services

We continuously iterate on the entire experience with a product or a service.


By understanding your users through qualitative research we identify users' needs which we can address through a product or a service.


Service design or sole digital touch points design. We will use our ZEN philosophy background and user experience design techniques to make the experience meaningful, fluid and pleasant.


We will use agile development techniques to delivery a working product or a service fast without any compromise on quality.

Case studies

While our ambition is to always influence the whole experience, we can help with its components as well. Mobile apps, portals, websites, corporate identity, digital marketing in particular.


We meet the strict criteria to work with large enterprises.

CNT Promotions

Service design and mobile touch points

Telecommunications | 2015

CEZ On-line

Mobile touch point user experience

Energy and utility | 2014

VZP - General Insurance Company

Customer portal touch point

Public health insurance | 2015

Skoda Refcar

iPad app for technicians

Automotive | 2014

CCS Tank Navigator

Service and mobile touch point design

Service for drivers | 2014

GE Money Bank

Mobile/Internet banking UX management

Banking | 2014

DHL Link

Messaging portal experience design

Express Logistics | 2015

Infor Motion Road Warrior

Mobile CRM product design

ERP Software | 2012-13

Vodafone Building Navigator

Building navigation app UX

Telecommunications | 2014


We also help to take off start-up companies. Typically service design, product design, visuals, user testing, business plan...

Sportvital Android

Android health app UX

Personal health and fitness | 2015



Coporate identity and iOS app design

Fashion | 2013


Mobile apps UX design

Sport | 2014

About the founder

Vladimir KORBEL, MSc.

Experience Designer

I found a very important breakthrough in my designer's career since I learned something about Zen and started understanding it. When one finally sees dogs jumping in the park, babies smiling and feels the pulse and dance of energy, understands the patterning in all the world and universe. One finally happens to understand that design's sole purpose is to make this happening pleasant, fun and in line with the universe.

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The above logos represent that KORBEL MEDIA Ltd. or Vladimir Korbel, directly or through an agency, delivered work such as UX design elements to the company which logo is depicted.

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We are an international company currently operating in Europe and Latin America with presence in London, Prague and Quito.




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